Farmhouse Ale Cheese Fondue

Spring has been less then stellar here in the Midwest. I am ready for 80 degree days and the shining sun. All we have been getting is clouds and cold wind and me pouting in a fleece jacket while I attempt to put in our garden. I am ready for cold beers and hot grill action! Not chili and soup. But you have to make the best of what you got right?

Fortunately for us making the best also came with a new grocery store here in Fort Wayne (FTW), and their sweet cheese section, but I will get back to that in a moment. I had grown used to having many natural food options when I lived in Chicago. I was in walking distance from about 5 different stores, and a very nice farmer’s market. When I moved to Indiana and in with Jeff, the options were not very impressive. But it is improving.

Our Barr Street farmer’s market, which only had about 10 vendors when I started visiting FTW, now boasts an impressive 40+. And now we have like 10 market’s to choose from, almost daily!

But still, off-season natural and organic shopping was rather limited. Till now.

Earth Fare, who’s mission states “to connect communities and improve lives through food” is one we share. We plant a HUGE garden every spring and share what we reap with all our friends, family and neighbors. And being obsessive lovers of food and beer, we also entertain friends on a regular basis, filling their bellies with only the best. So we were intrigued when Earth Fare decided to open their doors in FTW.

The first thing we noticed at Earth Fare – that they made making healthy food choices easy. No foods with trans fats. No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial colors or sweeteners. No synthetic hormones in fresh meats or dairy. Want to eat healthier? No problem.

Earth Fare Fort Wayne, IN

They also make it super easy to eat every color of the healthy rainbow. Which is a fantastic rule to get your daily veggies and fruits in. (Sorry, colored sprinkles on cupcakes do not count as part of the healthy rainbow. It disappoints me too.)

Earth Fare Fort Wayne, IN

The girly girl in me (she’s THERE I swear) went ape for these all natural soaps by the ounce and scoop yourself body scrubs.

Earth Fare Fort Wayne, IN

The carnivore in me fainted on site of the charcuterie. Jeff asked me twice to stop licking the glass.

Earth Fare Fort Wayne, IN

Throw in an expansive Indiana and Midwest craft beer selection, a large gluten free selection (ahem, mom), a juice bar, a pizza station, salad bar, tons of ready-to-eat options for healthy eats on the fly and an amazing group of friendly, courteous, helpful employees and I think we have a winner Fort Wayne.

BTW they have locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee. And where this might upset some of the 100% local natural food establishments in town, it shouldn’t stop you from visiting them and giving them a try. They aren’t here to steal business from any farmer’s markets or natural food stores, they are here to give us more, easily obtainable healthy food choices. And that is NEVER a bad thing. Ever. Never ever ever.

And to get you to eat better we are going to tempt you with a $50 gift card to earth fare. All you have to do is share this post (helpful links at the end of my rambling) and in the comments section, tell us what your favorite healthy go-to snack is. Extra credit if you also tell us your favorite beer. (Giveaway open to only residents of Indiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee, but we still want to hear about your favorite beers if you are NOT from one of these states.) Winner will be picked Friday May 16th at 3pm et.

Almost forgot. Their cheese selection. To die for. (I was jumping for joy which explains why the pic below is slighty blurry.)

Earth Fare Fort Wayne, IN

Which made us think of this amazing beer cheese Fondue. And we just had to share it with you.

Farmhouse Ale Cheese Fondue

Farmhouse Ale Cheese Fondue

2 T Butter
16 ounces shredded high quality sharp cheddar cheese, dusted with flour (do not use pre-shredded cheese)
1 onion finely diced
4 cloves of garlic finely diced
2 Jalapeno finely diced
2 Serrano finely diced
12 oz Bottle Farmhouse/Saison beer (we used Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale)
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
2 Tablespoon Whole Grain Mustard
1/4 cup cream
Salt and pepper to taste.

Melt butter over low heat. Saute onions, Serranos and Jalapenos till soft.

Add in garlic. Cook for 5 minutes.

Increase heat to medium, and pour in the bottle of Saison, Worcestershire sauce & whole grain mustard. When it begins to boil, add the cheese in hand-fulls and stir till completely melted.

Add cream and stir until creamy.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Dust paprika over the top.

Serve with apple slices, grapes, pears, crusty bread and/or hot pretzels.

Cooked up by Heather


  1. 8
    May 16

    Easy… Raisins and peanut butter… Except when I eat it too fast and have trouble breathing.

    Bonus Answer: Bell’s Hopslam

  2. 7
    May 15

    Favorite snack would be grapes. If they are sweet and I toss them in the fridge, wonderful treat!
    Glad to hear Earth Fare has some gluten free items, as I am recently diagnosed with a wheat intolerance :-( Makes you eat healthier though!

    So glad your site is back again. I had saved the link and kept getting an error message and periodically checked my saved links. Yea!

  3. 6
    Rachel Cassady
    May 15

    My favorite snacks are fast snacks- almond butter & carrot sticks, Kind bars or a green smoothie. :) I have been to EF THREE times since it opened and haven’t even seen half of it. SO FUN!!!

  4. 5
    May 15

    Thanks for the info – looking forward to checking it out! Favorite healthy snack – freshly made nut butter of any kind… sprinkle in sea salt and cinnamon…i’m drooling as I type this…

    • 5.1
      May 16

      Congrats Michele! You won! Please email heather at hecooksshecooks dot com with your mailing info and we will get it right out to you.

  5. 4
    May 15

    (Shared on fb!) I’m doing Whole30 (day 18!!) so my favorite go-to snack is a banana, toasted coconut & some almond butter. So good!

  6. 3
    Gina Kostoff
    May 15

    My favorite healthy snack is a crisp apple and a schmear of natural peanut butter!

  7. 2
    May 14

    LOL @ Clean & Cheesy!!! I’ll def try this fondue recipe.

  8. 1
    Ashley Motia
    May 14

    My favorite portable healthy snack is an apple. You can’t go wrong with a delicious honeycrisp or pink lady. I’m also a sucker for guacamole, which is kind of healthy, right? :)

    My favorite beer isn’t beer at all: I love ciders. When we were in TN, we tried various Ciderboys ciders, and I fell in love. Not too sweet like a lot of ciders are but not too bitter either. Unfortunately, they aren’t available around here–yet.

    And you had me at “scoop yourself body scrubs” and cheese in this post. That’s where my gift card would be spent if I were to win! I’d be so clean and cheesy!

    (Shared to Facebook so more people will pay attention to that mouthwatering fondue recipe.)

    • 1.1
      May 14

      You desperately need to try New Day Meadery Ciders. Espech the Johnny Chapman. Killer good.

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