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Mardi Gras Seafood Gumbo

Heather and I always joke that we manage to compliment each other perfectly. She has her baking and desert making and I am comfortable in front of the grill/smoker and even spending way to much time stirring a roux. Which is good because there is nothing worse than two people fighting over a spatula to […]

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Smoked Porter Beef Ribs

Hello out there? Hello? Anyone there? Well I guess the silence is expected since we decided to take a long sabbatical.  I wish I could say it was for something cool like climbing Mt. Everest, or being granted a year at Club Fed for being drunks, or living among the pygmy people, or whatever weird […]

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Beer Cured Bacon

As you may have already figured out, our goal in life is to get beer into damn near everything we cook, grill, bake, smoke, or burn.  This of course includes some off the wall experiments like this one, that actually freaking worked. This idea was kinda based on another recipe we recently created for The […]

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