There is a reason that “Baking” sounds like Bacon…

Didja think I wouldn’t read that post… hon.

Yea. You.

Referring to my previous, yet highly whimsical blog as a *BARF* baking BLOG? You obviously glanced over the pepper vodka, beef jerky, Italian sausage, beer and brats and the world famous bacon brie swammich posts. It was a regular party over there! Oh and a few items of note: 1) I don’t recall you objecting while your mouth was full of said baked goods and B) remember it was YOU who helped BAKE this…

Just saying…

But like any relationship, there has to be give and take. And Jeff is going to give me hella grief if I don’t post more then baked goods. Even tho this IS THE HOLIDAY season, and no one wants to bring brisket to a cookie exchange…

So I decided to meat him half way. Ha haa! Meat him. I slay me.

I about perfected my basic chocolate chip cookie recipe this past weekend. I would post those but none are left because oh that’s right – someone helped EAT them… so instead I am going to combine that recipe, with a special something from my recipe bag o’ tricks. Sure to quell even the crankiest of meat eating beasts.

Chocolate Chip Maple Bacon Cookies

Chocolate Chip Maple Bacon Cookies

That sound you just heard was Jeff’s head exploding.

I did something in this recipe that might freak a few people out. I never did it when I made these before but I thought why the hell not. Let’s throw down that smoked meat gauntlet! You may want to sit down…

Ok – let’s start.

The Goods

8 slices of thick cut, high quality, bought from the butcher, bacon, diced. (PLEASE not pre-packaged slimy stuff… blech.)
1/2 c butter, softened
1/2 c white sugar
1/2 c brown sugar
1/2 c REAL maple syrup (You there. Put down Mrs. Butterworth.)
2 eggs
1 T Vanilla
2 1/2 c AP flour
1 t baking soda
1/2 t cream of tartar (optional – see note.)
1 1/2 c chocolate chips

The Deal

Cook up bacon slowly in a pan till crisp. Remove bacon to paper towel to drain and strain the rendered bacon fat from the pan. Measure out 1/4 cup of that bacon fat and place in the fridge to cool. (Be sure to save the rest of that fat for future use.) Scared yet?

After the bacon fat has cooled, add to the butter and whip till combined. I told you to sit didn’t I? You could easily just use 3/4 cup of butter or even a whole cup, which is what I usually use for my regular ole’ chocolate chip cookies. But that bacon fat was just STARING AT ME. Taunting me. So I thought why not.

When thoroughly combined with the butter, add the eggs, vanilla, sugars and maple syrup. Whip into submission.

Combine the flour, baking soda and cream of tartar and add to the butter and sugar mixture till just combined.

You will notice the lack of salt here. I felt that the bacon fat and the bacon itself added quite enough where no extra would be needed.

Fold in chocolate chips. Then the bacon. Mmmm bacon.

Note: The cream of tartar gives the cookie surface more definition. Without it you get a very smooth cookie. If that is the look you like, you can omit this as it is strictly for cosmetic purposes.

Bacon Cookie How To

Chill the dough. Un-chilled dough will spread out so thin when baked you can see thru the cookies…

Once chilled, place balls of dough on a pan and throw it in a pre-heated 350° oven for 10-12 minutes (till golden my friends) and then remove to rack to cool.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Chocolate Chip Maple Bacon Cookies

I bet you take back that BARF baking crack now…

Cooked up by Heather


  1. 20
    December 14

    Oh My God… my new favorite site

    I love this writing style, and look forward to a very long and entertaining read… keep on bloggin!!!

  2. 19
    December 6 I found a bacon dark chocolate bar at the store the other day and was immensely happy. I’m adding this to my holiday cookie list!

  3. 18
    December 5

    ^5! loves it!

  4. 17
    December 4

    Love your new blog. Great pics. That is such an interesting cookie that you are sharing.

  5. 16
    December 4

    Well, bacon and chocolate are two of the most beautiful things on earth, so why not put them together? If you’re a fan of sweet-salty, then have at it.

  6. 15
    December 3

    What a great blog! And what an interesting recipe! Bacon and maple are a great combination :)

  7. 14
    December 3

    Oh My Gosh…these are so calling my name. Now I’m gonna have to make them and bring them to school so I don’t eat them all. =)

  8. 13
    December 3

    Hey I never said barf ;) I’ve made caramel with bacon in it so I’m with you! Looks delicious!

  9. 12
    December 3

    WOW. I just fell onto your website through the Foodie Blogroll and I’m so glad I did. I know what I’m baking this weekend!

  10. 11
    December 3

    Wow, over the top!
    You guys crack me up.

  11. 10
    December 3

    WOW…I bet the bacon and maple were fantastic in your cookies! What a wonderful combination!

  12. 9
    December 3

    I love your writing style – I’m looking forward to reading more. :) not so sure about bacon in cookies though… :)

  13. 8
    December 3

    Those look SO good and congrats on the foodie blogroll!


  14. 7
    December 3

    Oh those look great!

  15. 6
    December 2

    These cookies are basically my dream come true. And I know if I bake them my husband’s head will also explode. If only it wouldn’t be such a pain in the a@@ to clean up after :)

  16. 5
    December 2

    WTF? I never thought of this, but man–if I hadn’t given up meat, I’d be ALL over these! Jeff and his barf comment…what does he know, anyway?

    Did you ever see my bacon eclairs? Pre-vegan days, of course. ;)

  17. 4
    December 2

    I have a party this weekend & I think I’ll be bringing these! They’re going to love me thanks to y’all! Baci!

  18. 3
    December 2

    Oh yeah that is some sweet & salty goodness!

  19. 2
    December 2

    If this post is a sign of future things to come, I’m hooked already. These sound pretty good as a holiday gift

    …although I’d be perfectly okay if someone brought me brisket instead :-)

  20. 1
    December 2


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