BBA Massive Update (Kaiser, Poolish, Pizza, Panettone, Portuguese Sweet Bread, Pugliese)

As promised here is the Bread Baker’s Apprentice update from the last couple of months.  This should put us pretty close to caught up.  Which means sourdough breads are right around the corner.  Eek!  Time to wake up Bob the Blob from his refrigerator slumber.  Man I hope he is not to pissed off….

Without further wasting of your time I present the breads.

Kaiser Rolls

We skipped the Kaiser rolls on purpose because making 16 kaiser rolls for 2 people is just plain dumb.  Instead we waited for the next party and they were a hit.  Heck with the purpose of an absolutely worthless kaiser press they almost came out looking really special.

kaiser rolls

This model of kaiser roll is being served with slow smoked pulled pork.  Not pictured is BBQ sauce because I have killed people for less.

Poolish Baguettes

Hmmm….they are baguettes with whole wheat.  Not great not bad.

poolish baguette

Pizza Napoletana

Not my favorite pizza dough in the book so far.  I thought the Pain a l’Ancienne made a far better pizza dough.  No picture was taken but instead here is a picture of a dog dressed like Rudoplh

(You can buy prints of this image from:


This bread matched my previous blog to a T because it was a freaking disaster.

  • 4 days for a seed culture
  • 1 day for a barm that has a disclaimer about the smell knocking you on your ass.
  • 2 days for the actual bloody bread

Oh yeah did I mention this is also a dreaded fruit bread?????  Yeah we tried, we failed, and we move on.  We also have no desire to even think about attempting this bread again.

Here is a picture of a waiter cat:
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Portuguese Sweet Bread

Now this was one sexy looking bread.  I gave a loaf to a guy at work for helping me out of a jam.  He commented the bread was awesome toasted with Nutella.  Dang it why did I not think of that!!!!!



Another holey ciabatta like bread and after a while yep they all taste the same…….


The reason for skipping the Potato Rosemary bread  is it needs mashed potatoes….off to the store for potatoes!

If you want to see the previous BBA breads they are spread around our previous blogs.  Mine was Culinary Disasters and Heather’s blog was Bodacious Girl

Cooked up by Jeff


  1. 12
    January 15

    I seem to remember the Potato Rosemary Bread was totally awesome. Too bad you guys skipped it. The mashed potatoes were like a half cup, you could have just boiled a potato. Still, it is nice to see that you are both still baking. Plus the Pugliese looks fabulous.

  2. 11
    December 28

    Go guys go. Don’t skip the potato rosemary bread, I have made it four times, as rolls, with and without rosemary, it is delicious. The Panettone experience was marring.

  3. 10
    December 22

    Your Pugliese looks fabulous! I am up to “P” for BBA and never looked back so have some catch up to do too!

  4. 9
    December 21

    Wow! big catch-up! Too bad about the panettone. I’ve been looking forward to that one.

    I’ve made the pizza multiple times. Love it.

  5. 8
    December 21

    Great catch-up! Love the critters too. Can I have that doggie? ;-)
    I had better get baking..

  6. 7
    December 20

    Sigh. So much bread. I am getting the BBA for Christmas and can’t wait to try some of these. The pugliese looks great, as does that sweet bread.

    Sourdoughs scare me. I am anxious for you guys to start on them.

  7. 6
    December 20

    That post gave me a good morning laugh!

  8. 5
    December 20

    Im lovin all the bread here…delicious!

  9. 4
    December 19

    I’ve been wanting to make the sweet bread for the longest time. It’s going on my to-do list for 2010.

    Oh the bread porn… *drool*

  10. 3
    December 19

    I’ll definitely be trying the Portugese Sweet Bread – looks/sounds delicious!

  11. 2
    December 19

    BBQ sauce on pulled pork is just fine.

    I sure admire everyone accepting the challenge… wish I had seen it sooner

  12. 1
    December 19

    BBQ sauce on pulled pork is a sin. Topped with cole slaw, on the other hand–nirvana…

    I want potato bread!! With buttery, sour creamy, mashed potatoes in it. Do it! Now!