Beef Bulgogi is a real good friend of mine. He is spicy and easy.

I travel. A LOT.

I work In Chicago. but I live life in Indiana. I find that when I am holed up in my mini mansion the last thing I want to do is anything that requires more then 5 sq inches of counter space because – hello – my kitchen is only 4 feet! And it is a mighty small 4 feet… Serious I made cookies over the holidays in it and almost died from flour inhalation.


It isn’t really conducive for much more then frying up eggs for breakfast or pouring a cocktail, but a girl still has to eat even when she leaves her most favorite cook all alone in the wilds of Indiana…

One of my favorite cuisines in which to eat is Asian. Sushi, Hot Pot, Fried Rice, Tom Yum, etc… it’s light (Perfect for that 10 in 10 I signed up for while swilling wine and eating cheese… um hello!?!), it is spicy… which keeps me warm when my radiator goes all ADD and forgets what he is supposed to be doing… (sounds like someone I am dating…) and mostly. Freaking easy AND so yummmmmy!

It should be made with thinly sliced rib eye. Get a rib eye, par-freeze it and then take it out and slice very thinly while the meat is frozen enough to stay firm but still pliable enough to get that dull blade thru that you have been meaning to sharpen but still haven’t, you know who you are… This is the absolute best way to make this… However. Rib eye can be pricey and we are supposed to be talking easy here. So. What I did for this exciting (insert cricket sounds here) presentation was get simple stir fry beef, and beat the crap out of it.

beef bulgogi

Actually, tenderized it so it could soak up all this marinade of awesomeness…

Whatcha need:

1 # of good beef. (chicken or pork, yes honey I said pork, also work wonderfully here) sliced thin
4 T soy sauce
1 T sugar
1 T rice wine
1-2 cloves garlic finely minced
2-3 scallions, thinly sliced
2 t sesame oil
1 t sambal
white pepper

The Hard Part

Now after you have sliced up and/or beaten your meat… oh geez all the censer-sensors just went off… place it in a large zipper bag. Mix all the marinade ingredients together and pour over the meat. Squish it up good, suck out the air, seal that baggie and toss it in the fridge overnight. Yes, I said over night. Can you do this without the overnight bath? Sure, for a minimum of 2 hours, but it wont be as goooood.

Next day, pull out the baggie o’ meat and the gather ye following:

More of Whatcha Need:

1-2 scallions, sliced haphazardly
sesame seeds
lettuce (for wrapping)
prepared white rice or rice noodles
more sambal, because you can never have too much…

The Tricky Part

Heat 1 T of oil in your pan over medium heat. Cook the meat until desired doneness.

Top with sesame seeds and scallions and serve with rice and lettuce for wrapping. Yes I know the photo doesn’t show any lettuce… wow you guys are so smart. I took this after I ate and well, it took a lot just to make sure I had enough meat and rice for photos. The lettuce, poor lettuce, sacrificed itself.

If Jeff was here I would have had to beat him off with a frying pan just to have meat left over so thank that lettuce… aaaannnd the censor sensors are buzzing again… damn.

Cooked up by Heather


  1. 14
    February 27

    Thanks! Yet one more useful blog post, this is certainly precisely why I come for a web site over and over again…

  2. 13
    January 27

    Mmm….love this. Bulgogi is one of my favourite Korean dishes. It’s soooo delicious and goes great with rice.

  3. 12
    January 14

    Love spicy, love easy, this is wonderful.

  4. 11
    January 14

    I love bulgogi. It’s my favorite. Lovely photos!

  5. 10
    January 10

    Thank you for putting this on here. I am dying now. Do you know how special this site is gads! Tummy stop growling. :)

  6. 9
    January 6

    oh boy this looks exactly like take out food… And I am trying to ween myself off that and make similar dishes at home


  7. 8
    January 6

    Yum, that looks so tasty

  8. 7
    January 6

    YUM that looks fabulous….I’m definitely going to try that one. My partner will love the sambal!

  9. 6
    January 5

    I had to go back and reread the title because I thought Jeff wrote this haha.

    Never had bulgogi with sambal. Maybe I’ll try adding that in next time I make the family recipe

  10. 5
    January 5

    Delish! Great tip about freezing the beef.

  11. 4
    January 5

    Elle–I’m sure the marinade would work well with tofu.

    The marinade sounds delicious. I love all types of Asian food too. Happy New Year!

  12. 3
    January 5

    Happy New Year to you both! I like this dish as well…but I cheat, since I buy the beef already thinly sliced in Japanese or Korean grocery story :-) Anyway, yours look very yummie!

  13. 2
    January 5

    All this time I thought this was a good, clean Christian food blog…WRONG!

    All joking aside, Bulgogi is second only to Kalbi for me…nicely done.

  14. 1
    January 5

    Seriously thinking about how I can make this vegan….and damn–just got run down by a freaking censor!