Tonight, during dinner, our friends were oddly silent…

I would like to preface this post with a warning. Both of us have been sick with whooping cough for the better part of this past week. As a matter of fact I am sitting here writing this rambling along while heavily dosed on NyQuil, so I’d just like to apologize for that up front.

Ah yes, nothing like planning a dinner party for 8 when you really wish you were curled up on the couch in a blanket with some hot tea and Jack Daniels watching bad TV. Instead we were doing fun things like chopping piles of garlic and grating fresh horse radish. To clarify, Jeff and I were unlikely advancees in the FoodBuzz Project Food Blog Cage Match Championships. Which was really cool and yet really disturbing. Because I didn’t realize how many of you LIKED SPAM! (And were willing to admit it on a public forum like this here blog.) But YAY we made it to round 3 (partially thanks to YOU dear readers) and now get to cook for our friends. Because we hardly never ever do that more the 3 times a week… This time we were tasked to introduce them to “new tastes and exotic flavors.” Jeff and I agreed almost immediately that maybe we should just make them eat vegetables…

We entertain a lot. Truly, A L O T!!! We’ve both said it many times before – it is what makes us tick. Good food and good friends and good drink are the cornerstones of our life. This challenge was going to be right up our alley. We just wanted to make it a little different and a little special.

So Rule 1) We wouldn’t smoke or grill anything. I knew that was going to be a stretch, but we are always using the grill or the WSM whenever we have friends over. We don’t call it a cookout for nothing. This time they were going to enjoy food prepared the way you rich folk with appliances make food.

2) Different yet close to familiarity. Flavors they knew and wouldn’t shun yet taste combination’s that would test their taste buds. And they would have to say the last part of that line 5 times really fast.

and finally 3) They would drink some really good beer.

That being said – we concocted our menu and got to work:

Project Food Blog menu

We were pretty damn excited that for the first time in many months we would NOT be serving chicken wings or chicken thighs or chicken feet. You were looking for a recipe link on that last one weren’t you? HA! No. We would be slow roasting a delicious prime rib with a beautiful horseradish and garlic crust.

Prime rib with horseradish crust

Horseradish Encrusted Standing Rib Roast.

6 pound standing rib roast
1/2 cup of freshly grated horseradish
4 cloves of garlic minced
1 T of fresh rosemary
1 T of fresh thyme
2 T of smoked kosher salt
heavy pinch of freshly crushed black pepper
heavy glug of olive oil

Allow rib roast to come to room temperature.

Combine horseradish, garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper an olive oil and smash until a pesto like paste is formed.

Slather that gorgeous hunk of meat (top and sides) with the horseradish mixture till well coated. Note: The bottom of a standing rib roast is the side with the bones. It acts as a built in rack of sorts. I know you know this but my college English professor once told me to write as if who you are talking to has never seen what it is you are talking about before so I did. But just this once because seriously, how obnoxious IS THAT?

Place prime rib in a heavy bottomed pan and roast in a 250° F oven until the internal temperature reaches 115° F. (Approximately 30 minutes per pound).

Remove prime rib from oven and raise to highest temperature setting. (For us that was 500° F)

We interrupt this prime rib recipe for an appetizer…

While we cranked our oven up, we put our jalapeno cream cheese stuffed prawns wrapped in bacon, in the oven. Normally this would take 20-25 minutes at 400° F oven, but given that we have only one oven which was already in somewhat use with the prime rib, we made due.

I think they turned out SWIMMINGLY ! ;-)

Bacon wrapped prawns

Bacon Wrapped Prawns, Stuffed with Jalapeno Cream Cheese and Drenched with Tupelo Honey (from all natural free range bees)

16 Prawns
8 oz cream cheese, softened
4 jalapenos diced
1 serrano diced
1 T honey plus more for drenching during baking.
16 slices of bacon

Shell, de-vein and butterfly prawns.

Combine cream cheese, jalapenos, serrano and 1 T honey.

Lay a spoon full of the cream cheese mixture down the middle of each prawn.

Wrap prawn with slice of bacon.

Place on a rack in a baking pan, bacon ends down.

Bake in 400° F oven for 15 – 20 minutes, until bacon begins to crisp up.

Drench each prawn with a teaspoon of honey and bake for 5 additional minutes.

Serve immediately.


Where the FREAK were we going to BAKE the POTATOES? The matchstick carrots were made stove top but ugh the hasselback potatoes!

So we broke rule 1. It was a stupid rule anyway. When we took the prime rib out of the oven and slid the prawns in, the potatoes went straight on the grill, which we attempted to keep at 425° for 35 minutes.

Oh let me go back to that INSANE prime rib:

Once the oven has reached your highest temperature, place roast back in and cook for about 15 minutes or until crust is nice and… well… crusty.

Remove and let sit for 20 minutes before carving.

Horseradish encrusted prime rib

Jeff’s smile went from ear to ear when he sliced into that roast. And I swear our friends all gasped. Which may have been because Jeff almost took off his thumb on that first slice, but then again it may have been the pure utopia that is known as perfectly roasted beef.

The hasselback potatoes were crunchy and garlicky and the matchstick carrots complimented the roast with sweet delicateness.

Hasselback potato (Recipes coming soon! Promise.)

But we were hardly finished. We wrapped up this culinary adventure with Crispin “The Saint” hard cider simmered pears, which were served with mascarpone, a drizzle of maple syrup caramel and crushed puff pastry. (Recipe coming soon! Promise.)

Crispin simmered pears

Paired with a really nice surprise from Jeff. Some Boulevard Brewery’s Quadruple Ale which I have been absolutely DYING for for some time now.

Boulevard Quadruple Ale

He knows the way to my heart is with some really good meat and a strong tasty ale.

I honestly think that the success of this night was summed up perfectly with the title of this post; “Tonight, during dinner, our friends were oddly silent…” Normally, as we stand around the grill sucking down wings and brats and burgers and beers we laugh and joke and tell stories and plan our next get together for as soon as humanly possible. But tonight, they were so engaged with what we were feeding them that the only sounds we really heard were mmmm’s and sigh’s and the occasional “oh wow.” But mostly they were silent.

That was the best compliment we could have ever received.

I hope you enjoyed living vicariously through our photos and cold medicine induced dissertation written word…. and maybe you felt like you were here with us. If so I am really sorry that I flicked that spoon full of mascarpone at you. But you deserved it.

And if you didn’t MIND the mascarpone in your hair – kindly throw a FoodBuzz Food Blog of Crazy Ass INCREDIBLE vote our way. Thanks!

Cooked up by Jeff & Heather


  1. 49
    October 25

    Your writing is hilarious!! And I NEED those bacon-wrapped prawns!! Like right this instant. Please??

  2. 48
    Heidi in NYC
    October 10

    I just found your site. It’s fantastic.

  3. 47
    October 9

    Wow! Everything looks and sounds amazing!!! Good luck with the rest of the competition!!!!

  4. 46
    October 9

    Congrats Congrats going onto challenge #4!!! Must be exciting for you! Good luck and all the best. Happy Thanksgiving to you! You’ll be getting the next vote from me :) Your awesome!

    Have a happy thanksgiving!
    jen @

  5. 45
    October 7

    I love, love, love horseradish and beef. One of the best pairings since Joanie and Chachi! ;) Hope the whooping has ceased and that everyone is feeling up to Challenge #4–you have my vote to move on, for sure:)

  6. 44
    October 7

    Great dinner and great post. Voted!

  7. 43
    October 7

    Wow, I can’t believe you pulled all of this off while you were sick! Everything looks delicious… especially that pear dessert! Good luck!

  8. 42
    Prime Rib Newbie
    October 7

    This looks simply amazing! Few quick questions; how many people did your 6lb cut serve? I’m looking to make this dish for just myself and my boyfriend – how large a piece would you reccommend? We both like rare/med rare prime – would you still say 30 mins per pound? Also, do you cover the meat any time during cooking? Any little hints would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  9. 41
    October 6

    I don’t know what I love more…the food or the banter. What I do know is this is freaking amazing 5 star food from 5 star peeps!

  10. 40
    October 6

    I love that silence that happens when the eating starts – and you know it’s realllllly good! Everything looks delicious – especially the elegant pears! Hope you’re both feeling better – good luck!

  11. 39
    October 6

    Now that’s some good looking roast! And the potatoes on the grill was a great way to use what you have to get things done on time. And all that while sick! Good job, you got our vote!

    (our entry is here: )

  12. 38
    October 6

    while i do not like spam (actually have never tasted it, but wouldn’t) i loved your previous entry’s creativity!!! I like the prawns in this post. Hope to c u in round 4.

    (see my entry here:

  13. 37
    Jeff & Heather
    October 6

    Just a FYI as a follow up from a few emails I received. The recipes for the Hasselback potatoes, the matchstick carrots and the pears will come very soon. (Probably gonna start with those AWESOME pears!) I didn’t want this post to much more rambling ass long then it already was… ;-)

  14. 36
    October 6

    Hasselback potatoes own a piece of my heart, but that prime rib is making me jittery. That’s an awfully impressive meal to put on while sick. Good luck this week, you’ve got a vote of mine!

    Lick My Spoon

  15. 35
    October 6

    I’ll take mascarpone in my hair anyday in exchange for a piece of this meal. good stuff. I need to move closer to you guys so I can get in on some of this entertaining action. You’ve got my vote!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my entry!

  16. 34
    October 6

    That pear looks….just…wow…

  17. 33
    October 5

    Looks like your dinner party went great! Hope we both make it to the next round! :-) You have my vote!

  18. 32
    October 5

    That standing rib roast looks scrumptuous!

  19. 31
    Chuck Springer
    October 5

    Well…I was lucky enough to be invited to this exclusive dinner party (I even left the retro T and ripped up jeans at at home for the occasion). Let me tell you when Heather and Jeff put their heads together there is no stopping them! Incredible/tender prime rib…damn i love red meat! Bacon-wrapped shrimp that looked so freagn good; I just wanted to hold it and talk dirty to it (ok maybe save that one for another time). Best damn pear I’ve ever had. Wash it all down with top shelf Craft beer. Great friends/food/libations…perfect evening! Thanks again Jeff and Heather.

  20. 30
    October 5

    I know I can always count on your posts to make me smile. If this is what cold medicine produces, maybe I should start taking some of that Nyquil. My vote’s in. Good luck!

  21. 29
    October 5

    You were on NyQuil and I’m reading with a headache wishing I was asleep… I couldn’t see anything wrong with your post :). The food looked delicious!
    I’m giving you a little red heart. Good luck.

  22. 28
    October 5

    ADORE your craft beer pairings! Voted.
    ~ Mary

  23. 27
    October 5

    I love your blog! My fiance and I are always tripping over each other in the kitchen. I’ll be making a croquembouche, and all of a sudden he’s there beside me whipping up cookies. I CAN RELATE! Good luck!!!!

  24. 26
    October 5

    That sounds/looks delicious and BEAUTIFUL!! I hope you guys make it to the next round :)

  25. 25
    October 5

    Yum yum yum!!! I am voting not only because this looks delicious, but because you did a beer pairing instead of a wine pairing. Sold!

    Also: Can I come over for dinner? I promise you can come to my house and drink all the craft beers you want. :)

  26. 24
    October 4

    I have to vote for you just because of the bacon wrapped shrimp.

    Well, and the prime rib.

    But also the SPAM, because I find that hilarious.

  27. 23
    October 4

    You had me at bacon wrapped… and then once I read the rest of the description, let alone the rest of the menu, I think I nearly shorted out my laptop from all the drool. Seriously. Best menu I’ve seen so far (but shh… don’t tell the others!). Looks delicious, and I’m glad it was well-received. Good luck on the next round!

  28. 22
    October 4

    What a great meal! As a Canadian I approve of the beer soaked menu. ;-)

  29. 21
    October 4

    I think I may have reproduce this dinner, only pairing it with wine, because, well… I’m a wino! ;)
    Every thing looks and sounds delicious! I’m thinking it could become our Thanksgiving menu. We always have Prime Rib at Thanksgiving. Yea, were weird like that!
    I voted for this wonderful dinner. Good luck in round 3!

    I hope you and Jeff are feeling much better!

  30. 20
    October 4

    VOTEDDDDDDD! Good luck! Wish you all the best!

    jen @

  31. 19
    October 4

    Guys, Im sorry you werent/arent feeling well but it sure does not show in your dinner. it looks incredible and you def. get my vote!


  32. 18
    October 4

    i did hasselback potatoes, too! they’re awesome. great job on your dinner party – everything looks delicious! you’ve got my vote – good luck!

  33. 17
    October 4

    Just voted for you guys! Best of luck to you!

  34. 16
    October 4

    Standing Rib Roast was always Christmas dinner at my house but we never had one like that! Sorry mom….

  35. 15
    Jim Mosier
    October 4

    Would it kill you to have a salad every now and then? Sheesh your body is planning colon revenge. Good luck in the next round. Of course I voted for you two.

  36. 14
    October 4

    i can only imagine they were so silent! i know you wouldn’t hear a peep out of me…i’d be stuffing my face :)

  37. 13
    October 4

    Helllo my new love: jalapeno cream cheese stuffed prawns wrapped in bacon! Yum! That menu looks so ridiculous….Meat, Ale? Hello, can I come over please? And the hasselback potatoes are beautiful. Let’s not get started with that dessert, I would never leave. So sorry to hear about the whooping cough though, my goodness. I can’t imagine doing this challenge and not feeling well! It took every ounce of my being and I was healthy! Good luck – I am totally voting…

  38. 12
    October 4

    Awesome. I am happy that a combo of humour and tasty food has advanced in the competition! Keep me smiling in Round 4 and beyond!

  39. 11
    October 4

    Damn, you guys! That feast looks absolutely incredible. I’m still drooling! Nice job–and seriously, feel better, ok?

  40. 10
    October 4

    Seriously, I’m picking up Vino Luci Barbara on the way and we are at your house for dinner tonight. I so want this meal! Brilliant, delicious without being fuzzy or snobby. Fabulous flavors!

  41. 9
    October 4

    I’ve seen some great entries for this contest; beautiful looking dishes and beautiful pics…but not kidding; right now, yours is the one I want to eat. That roast looks…well, there are no words. Absolutely fabulous job. Got my vote.

  42. 8
    October 3

    Wow! What a feast…. all while being ill with whooping cough! Seriously! Well you both really whipped it up in the kitchen as that is an amazing meal! – Meg

  43. 7
    October 3

    That dinner looked insanely delicious! Great job, hun and now relax get better. xoxo

  44. 6
    Megan Pester
    October 3

    As a frequent guest chez Jeff and Heather I can say that the blowout of all my spare weight-watcher points last night was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! The meat was perfectly tender and seasoned. The horseradish was not overbearing but really accented the meat well. The potatoes were a great complement as well as they weren’t your typically heavy side but a nice twist on a plain old baked potato.
    The beer with the prawns was really fantastic a flavor party in my mouth! Spicy, sweet, hoppy, smokey…need I say more?? Crap, now I’m hungry again! Love you guys, so what are we having Monday?

  45. 5
    October 3

    Will you please invite me for your next dinner party? I’m close. LOL. Your food looks AMAZING!!!

  46. 4
    October 3

    Oh man … this looked INCREDIBLE!

  47. 3
    October 3

    That sounds awesome, Heather and Jeff! Definitely copying that horseradish crust recipe! Yummmm…. Oh, and I’m only slightly embarrassed to say that, yes, I needed that beef cut tutorial. It’s not a cut you see often at the kosher butcher’s. :-)

  48. 2
    Judy Hecht
    October 3

    You’ve done it again…delightful commentary on what sounds like a fantastic meal. The mascarpone came out of my hair fine, but the silk scarf is just ruined! Ah well…it was all worth it…even if it was only vicarious. Hope you get over whooping it up soon. Aren’t you too old for that kind of thing? I mean really!!!

  49. 1
    October 3

    I love your blog. You are such an amazing linguist/cook/witty banter-er. Great job hun!

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