I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for some Hamburger soup today…

I am about as under the weather as can be. I can not even drink coffee. Yes. I know – THE HORROR!

And I just got off the Phone with Jeff who is also about as unamused to be alive today as I am. He informed me (more like whined to me for a while and then told me) he was making soup – which made me very jealous as I am in Chicago far away from said soup and he makes some good soup. Ahem. There better be some left over for me tomorrow… Tho it got me thinking of one of my favorite soups to make on cold dreary hang out in bed and watch Chuck reruns or Princess Bride days. It is quick, tasty and spicy – sure enough to scare away the sniffies. Especially if you add my secret ingredient.

Mmm Burger Soup

Gather the following:

1# of lean beef – ground
1 onion diced
3 carrots diced
3 celery diced
2 cloves garlic
1 bay leaf
1 t fresh thyme (about 1/3 if using dried)
2 cups diced tomatoes or 1 15 oz can diced with juices
4 C beef broth
1/2 C barley
1 7.75 oz can super secret El Pato Mexican hot style tomato sauce (Oh noes the SECRET IS OUT!)
Salt and pepper to taste

The tough part:

Cook up the beef in a large stock pot. Add the carrots, onion and celery and cook till you are happy. Or till the onions are happy, which ever happens first. Add the garlic and cook till golden. Then add the bay leaf, thyme (if dried. If fresh – wait till about the last 20 minutes of cooking), tomatoes, broth, el pato super duper secret tomato sauce and barley. Cook about 45 minutes to an hour or until barley is done to your liking. I hate mushy barley so I tend to lean on the short time side. Taste. Salt and pepper… taste again? You like? Serve it up with a light topping of your favorite cheese. The el Pato sauce is one of my “go too’s”. I add it to my world famous lasagna, chicken soup, just about anything to throw in some tasty kick. It has a wonderful flavor and a touch of heat and is just perfect when you don’t have a steady supply of fresh chilies because it is freaking winter…

I like to top this soup with some fresh shredded Parmesan or Mexican queso fresco cheese. Oh yea… you know you will be feeling reallllllll good in just about 3… 2… 1… Ah!

The el Pato sauce is found in most grocery stores in the Mexican section, not the tomato section. That is how I have hid from you all these years btw ha ha!

But really. Serious. Try it.


Cooked up by Heather


  1. 25
    Jeff & Heather
    March 5

    I am so addicted to that sauce it is almost scary. I also make a great Mexican Rice with it. Just like in the restaurants. Okay now I am starved.

  2. 24
    March 3

    This is my boyfriends new fav recipe for soups/stews!

    • 24.1
      March 5

      And yes, the el pato is perfect, tonight we are trying roasted chicken as meat.

  3. 23
    February 28

    your soup looks tasty and sounds good.

    Ms Recipe

  4. 22
    February 2

    sorry you’re feeling dumpy–i must say that i don’t think i’ve ever felt so bad that i didn’t want coffee. (do you think i might have a problem?)
    your soup sounds spicy and uplifting, for sure. the idea of queso fresco on top is infinitely appealing–nicely done.
    and hey–get well soon!

  5. 21
    February 2

    Mmmm…that sounds so good. I hope you get feeling better fast!

  6. 20
    February 2

    Hope you feel better, the soup sure looks very tasty and the spice will definitely help you :-)

  7. 19
    February 1

    The hot sauce is really, really intriguing! Tomato hot sauce…that’s nice!

  8. 18
    January 31

    Great soup for the cold weather! I hope everything is going better.

  9. 17
    January 30

    Great post. I’m always looking for great blogs and I really like yours.

  10. 16
    January 30

    Being sick is the worst. I tend to not want to ingest anything. Except for ice cream. But that is a whole other story.

    Spicy food also does the trick. It clears you up in a snap. This looks like an awesome awesome soup. I could see myself making it the next time I’m laying in bed comatose.

    And I second the scotch and honey. The alcohol will kill all the bacteria. Right?

  11. 15
    January 30

    Im in 40 degree heat in Australia but I couldn’t resist making this. Utterly delicious!

  12. 14
    January 29

    Excellent comfort food and probably nicely sinus clearing with some good hot sauce.

  13. 13
    January 28

    little scotch and honey

  14. 12
    January 28

    nice easy soup with very complicated results – and good secret ingredient too!

  15. 11
    January 28

    Love your blog! One of the first blogs we’ve come across similar to ours! ;]

  16. 10
    January 28

    That was certainly contagious… just hopped on amazon to order the El Pato — I await the UPS truck with baited breathe -

  17. 9
    January 28

    Oh sweetie, feel better soon!
    Great soup, that should cure you. :)

  18. 8
    January 28

    They say eating hot sauce will chase any sickness right away

  19. 7
    January 28

    Ah soup & hamburger soup at that! Comfort food in a bowl! Nuttin’ bettah!

  20. 6
    January 28

    Looks like a great soup. The spicy tomato sauce sounds wonderful!

  21. 5
    January 27

    Heather, zesty, spicy soups are perfect for colds and the winter. I love the flavours but I would roll the mince into meatballs, k?

  22. 4
    January 27

    I can’t find the El Pato Mexican hot style tomato sauce in Canada. I’ll see if I can find a replacement.

  23. 3
    January 27

    If you had a look at my blog lately, you probably noticed that I love filling soup :) Your soup looks very yummy. I’m not sure I can find this spicy tomato sauce. If I can’t, I’ll add sambal oelek :D Thanks for posting this recipe. And I hope you’re going to feel better soon. I’m fine but my son is sick with pneumonia and I have to stay home with him all week :(

  24. 2
    January 27

    MMMMM Anything Spicy, Garlicky and Oniony makes me happy. I’ll bookmark this one and make the hub make it for me.

  25. 1
    January 27

    The hell? Since we’re all sick, have him pack some up and send some to me, too. Or you can. ;)

    Looks so good!! Love the supah secret ingredient!