Bacon Apple & Brie Swammich

I know I know it has been like 20000 days since I last posted…

BUT, and I don’t really want to point fingers here but… someone else hasn’t posted in like 6000000 days… so if any flogging is going to happen it will be HIS patootie that get’s it NOT mine. I have a plethora of excuses. But only one way to make it up to you…


This is one of my all time favorite sandwiches of awesome to make. The only problem is that once I start making them, I don’t stop. It takes an amazing amount of will power to just say no. Or ok I’ll stop at 13…

Bacon Apple & Brie Swammich

The Apple Bacon and Brie Swammich. Oh HOLY HELL now I want one for dinner…

And yes, I know what you are thinking – Apple on a sandwich???

Effin YEA!

Start out with some really good, nutty bread. My favorite for this is a whole grain bakery bread with flax and sesame seeds and oats and M&M’s and poppy seeds and sunflower seeds…

Just checking to see if you are paying attention…

Ok – now the hard part…

Cook up some delicious thick cut fresh smoked bacon and try not to eat it all before you assemble the swammich…

Thinly slice up a tart apple. Granny Smiths are perfect, and my favorite.

Slice up that yummy brie.

Heat up your grill pan / panini pan / press / etc.

Spread a very thin layer of butter on one side of each slice of bread…

Spread some stone ground mustard on the other side of one slice and top with a few (about 17) slices of brie. Then top with the bacon slices. Use as many as your taste buds or your cholesterol will allow. (Um… 47 seems about right. NO! 48…) And then add the apple slices.

On the other slice of bread, add some more mustard if you like… and butter side UP finish the sandwich.

Lay that sandwich of cheesey bacony goodness on the hot grill / paninininini pan (Cheese side down) and press. Oh yea momma – hear that sizzle?

This is almost NSW!

When the cheese begins to melt and squish out of the swammich, take it off the pan and eat before anyone else gets home.

Ah yes… you can thank me now, and curse me later when you suffer from addiction.

Cooked up by Heather


  1. 14
    jackie hines
    March 15

    SO! Made the sandwich and as I see it I’ll be entering bacon rehab against my will real soon. As if I needed a reason to love bacon even MORE than I already DO!!!! Bacon….bacon….bacon…..yummmmmmmmm….

  2. 13
    September 8

    This sandwich looks amazing. I’ve never tried bacon and apple together but it sounds wonderful!!

  3. 12
    August 25

    Too funny…I just posted one of these (and here I thought I was original!) on my site. And they were, in a word, DELICIOUS.

  4. 11
    Pablo Escobar
    August 23

    Hey Jeff,

    Long time no talk. Hope you are well. Love the new site. Mine became too much work so I took it down :(

    I’ve relocated to Pork Central (NC) and lovin it. I’ll find you on Facebook.

    The food looks awesome! Congrats on finding someone to cook and spend your time with. Hope she’s a big fan swine :)

    -Pablo Escobar

  5. 10
    August 19

    Congratulations on the new baby!

  6. 9
    August 19

    yeah. try mascarpone cheese.
    TRY IT

  7. 8
    August 13

    Apple and Brie is one of my favorite sandwiches! Good on a hamburger too!

  8. 7
    August 13

    I love the combination of brie and apples too…there’s a little bakery/cafe that I love that serves this combo on fresh walnut bread. Its delicious!

  9. 6
    August 10

    Very much like a favorite sandwich at a local place called Toast that I’ve mimicked at home. There’s does not have bacon…and now wondering WHY NOT? It does have a wonderful cranberry/mayo aoili…so now want to try again with bacon. Everything is better with bacon, right?.

  10. 5
    August 10

    Oh man now I want those for lunch yet I have no apples or brie….

  11. 4
    August 10

    Brie, apple & mustard? OMFG! Bacon lovers will swoon over this!

    • 4.1
      jackie hines
      March 11

      OMFG is right!!!!

  12. 3
    August 10

    well shit. look who is alive and well? girl thanks for the comment on my blog…i only see you on twitter and rarely see a new blog post from ya’ll whats up with that? at least there’s bacon in this post so you’re excused–i guess….

  13. 2
    August 10

    Love love love brie and apples. Adding bacon? Makes me totally jealous!

  14. 1
    August 10

    Yes please! Can I have one for breakfast? It is bacon after all..

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