Santa Forgives my Indiscretions Because I Leave Him Cherry Kolackis & Stoli.

Since I was a little girl, so for over 30 20 years my mother has been making kolacki’s for Christmas. They were everyone’s favorite cookie and we literally waited with baited breath for them every year. My favorite have always been cherry. My mother loved plum (prune?). I think my dad’s favorites were cherry as well, and if I am wrong he will correct me in my comment section pretty damn fast I am sure. And my bro. I think he just waited for the pumpkin pie to be honest. (Hmm… pumpkin kolachi… maybe worth a try… will report on this if I do.) Everyone loved them. Including my Brittany Spaniel Bridget, who jumped up on the dining room table and ate a whole plate full one year while we were out. I don’t remember the ramifications of that binge on the poor pooch – but I learned a few choice curse words that year from my mother who had to bake another 6 dozen before Christmas the next day. Needless to say I tried out those words. Oh yes I did.

How Santa even came to our house that year is beyond me.

Oh yea that’s right. He smelled the oh so delicate, fresh baked kolacki that my baby brother’s little hands ever so lovingly (HA! Right…) set out for him. Then I snuck him some Stoli and Case Dismissed! Put this girl BACK on the “Nice” list. But alas. I never stayed there for long.

Kolacki are Polish filled cookies that taste like little perfect bites of puff pastry with a touch of sweet filling. This filling can be cherry or cheese or apricot or plum or nut or blueberry… do I really need to keep gong here? You get the drift right? You can fill them with whatever your wittle ole tummy desires. Make your own filling, or buy it in a can. Solo makes some EXCELLENT fillings for Kolacki. I wouldn’t recommend them if I have not used them and been thrilled with them myself. I actually L O V E their cherry filling. And we already know, cherry is one of my favorites!

Cherry Kolacki

So gather ye goods!

1 8 oz block of cream cheese. (NOT neufchatel – Full fledged CREAM CHEESE. Please.)
1 1/3 cups of butter
2 T sugar
1 t vanilla
1 2/3 cups flour, sifted with 1/2 t baking powder
powdered sugar

Follow thee directions!

Beat cream cheese & butter until creamy. Blend in sugar & vanilla. Add flour / baking powder mixture slowly and mix till combined and a nice stiff dough has formed. Press into a disk and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill for several hours – or overnight.

Preheat oven to °350.

Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface to about 1/4″ thick. Now the next step you can go about a couple ways:

1) Cut into 3″ squares. Make a depression in the middle of the square with the back of a spoon or your finger or a billiard ball… and fill with about 1 t of your filling of choice. Take the opposite ends of the cookie and fold over filling, pinching the corners together. Bake for 10ish minutes


B) Using a 2.5″ biscuit cutter, cut out circles. Make depression in the dough using your fist or a beer bottle or your cats head… and fill with about 1 t of your filling of choice. Bake for 10ish minutes

I started out doing 1)… but we all remember my kitchen right? It is about °369 in there right now and the dough went in the oven too warm and the cookies opened and what do we do with a bunch of ugly cookies?

Kolacki FAIL

That is right boys and girls we EAT THEM.


SO I opted for B). And they look so pretty and yummy but hell no am I eating any more of these because I ate so many already I need to run about 27 miles to work it off.

But where was I… oh yea. Let them COMPLETELY cool. Then dust with powder sugar.

Then eat quickly, because once you put them out for guests. They will be gone.

Since this is my last post before Christmas, I would just like to take this opportunity to wish EVERYONE a very Happy and Jolly Holiday. Stay safe, enjoy your loved ones and eat till your hearts (or belly’s) content. And be sure to stay tuned for a very very festive post from my special guy, Jeff. I swear, he is SO FULL of holiday spirit why he could be Santa’s head elf! You do NOT want to miss it.

Cooked up by Heather


  1. 12
    January 6

    right about now i’m wishing i hadn’t committed to 10in10 ;( i could polish some of those off with no problems…

  2. 11
    December 24

    Happy Holidays!

  3. 10
    December 24

    I would like a whole plate of those for Christmas please.

  4. 9
    December 23

    Whoa! I could totally do these! I always thought they were complicated. Silly me! By the way–cherry would definitely be my favorite–love cherry filled stuff.

    Merry Christmas to you and Jeff, and to your families. Travel safe and eat well. And drink lots!


  5. 8
    December 23

    Santa has great taste… anyone who makes these gets lots of passes from moving to the naughty list..

    But I have a question… My wife and I argue about this… You say, “NOT neufchatel – Full fledged CREAM CHEESE”…


  6. 7
    December 22

    Yummy and thanks for the heads up on the recipe. I’m thinking I might make these for New Years since we’ve not had any in at least 3 yrs now.

    Never tried cherry but it’s sure on the list!

  7. 6
    December 22

    So. My dad didn’t comment… he called. He likes lemon, apricot and cherry. And then he said but I don’t think apricot is easy to get anymore.

    Oh ye of little faith…

    Sean: Why did you have to go and say Kimbap! I think the closest place to get that is in Lincoln Park. :cry:

    Natashya: Thank you for not killing of Santa this close to Christmas. He has COAL to deliver to Jeff…

  8. 5
    December 22

    Wonderful! They look awesome. I am sure Santa is in heaven. Not that I am saying he is dead of course, just that he is happy. ;-)

  9. 4
    December 22

    I have always wanted to make these. We had a Polish neighbor when I was a kid and I remember her making them. My favorite filling was raspberry, yum. Thanks for the recipe, I just might have to make these for New Years (my Christmas menu is full up, lol). Merry Christmas to you and Jeff. I look forward to seeing what you two come up with next year!

  10. 3
    December 22

    I can relate to eating the ugly ones – I always end up eating the ends of my kimbap or any scraps for that matter.

    Both of you guys have a great Christmas!!

  11. 2
    December 22

    Those are gaw-geous. I’m salivating. Santa is going to be one happy camper! Just make sure he doesn’t have too much Stoli so he can make it to my house too ; )

  12. 1
    December 22

    whoa….santa will stay overnight fo sure. I had these at some polish fair somewhere very cool, can’t remember where.
    merry christmas to you darling, and say HI and happy holidays to Jeff for me.