Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time; And sometimes you weep.*

Alright. I know you are as perplexed as we are by our ability to capture attention and hold it as long as we have during this rat race of a competition… but here we are again. Moving along with 71 select others to the 5th round in this crazy Foodie challenge. Thanks for your votes & thanks for your confidence in us to teach you something. (Fools… I mean YAY YOU!) I will get to the how do I get this smell of smoke out of everything we own emails asap.

We should admit, when we looked and saw that the next exciting episode of FoodBlog: The quest for the Golden Spatula consisted of making our very own take on pizza our heads exploded. See, I hail from the pizza mecca of North America: Chicago. (And for those of you that just said “ummm don’t you mean New York?” Bite me.) I am the epitome of a pizza snob. My father worked in a pizza joint when I was a child and pizza was a daily part of my life. The smell of oregano and pepperoni make me swoon. It is hard for me to find pizza that I reaaaaalllly like. Fast forward to now. I find myself living in North East Indiana. In the city where Jeff has lived HIS ENTIRE LIFE. In the SECOND biggest city in Indiana, yet to me it SCREAMS rural. Sigh, what a girl won’t do for a boy and love… Sorry, where was I? Good pizza here is as rare as unicorns and leprechauns. There is some good stuff, but, well, it is NOT Chicago. SORRY BUT IT IS NOT!!! (Are you rolling your eyes at me? Please refer back to the previous direction to “Bite Me”.) Thing is? We both LOOOOOOVE Pizza. L O V E.

So, we asked our friends. “If you could have a chef come to your house and make you whatever kind of pizza you like what would it be.” You see, we were looking for a smidgen of direction. Yeah… we got stuff like “all pineapple” and “3 inches of melted cheese” and “how about like every different type of sausage you can find?” Jeff and I just stared at each other blankly. And we thought our friends would be of help. SILLY SILLY FOOD BLOGGERS!!!

Then it hit me. That all these simple laughable answers we were getting all had one thing in common. EXCESS. Pure unadulterated EXCESS. 23 pounds of 117 different types of cheeses on some crispy thick crust would have likely put us all in the hospital with gastronomical distress, but we would have been very very happy. Then Jeff reminded me of the first “pizza” we ever made together. It was a little over a year ago, and it utilized the focaccia recipe from the Bread Bakers Apprentice book and consisted of all the onions we could get our hands on. (See photo below) It was DIVINE. I called it our French Onion pizza. It was gone as soon as we took it out of the oven. It was excessive, and amazing, and with a few changes, a few additions and a few more pounds of onions… would be perfect.


It being OCTOBER my onion choices were slightly limited, but with a little hunting I was able to round up 6 different types (in 6 different pounds):

Six livres six oignon pizza Francais l’oignon… ** (Loosely translated: 6 pounds of 6 onions French onion pizza)

**Correction (Because I am SO not French…): Six livres de six oignons: pizza française à l’oignon.* – Thanks Marie!

3 # of white onions
1 # of brown onions
1/2 # of Vidalia onions
1/2 # of Cipollini onions
1/4 # of Italian red onions
3/4 # of shallots


And like before we used the focaccia recipe (half actually) from the BBA, or Bread Bakers Apprentice bread book. However I used extra olive oil because I added the amount for the WHOLE recipe. I have BBAD (Bread Bakers Attention Deficiency…).

The dough was ready and waiting for me (pressed out nice and thin in a 11 x 17″ baking pan, and lightly brushed with olive oil), so I set out that afternoon to cut up all 6 pounds of onions and get them a-sweating. Apparently I was so moved by Jeff’s ability to remember that special time in our lives when we first met and MADE our original French Onion pizza because I BAWLED the entire time I was slicing. Sigh…

Anyway, I heated a couple T of canola oil and a half stick of butter in heavy bottomed stock pot and added in all the onions. Stirred well to coat the onions, and covered the pot. Set the heat on med low and let it go for about 3 hours or so, stirring every 20 minutes. The smell was divine. The onions drastically reduced and turned a beautiful golden color. MUST resist the urge to eat every single one.

Then I removed the lid and added 2 beef bullion cubes and about half a bottle of beer. Beer was actually not part of the original plan (Ha ha ha – I made it sound like we had an actual plan… ) but I was drinking one while working my ass off in the kitchen and I was too lazy to get a cup of water. At this point I also added a pinch or two of fresh thyme and rosemary, salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Cooked it down till about half the liquid evaporated, then removed from the heat to cool. Once slightly cooled, moved it to a glass bowl, covered and set it in the fridge.

Oh I also fried up a pound and a half of diced thick cut bacon.

And shredded about 12 oz of Gruyere cheese.

And checked my cholesterol. (180. Okay. We’re good.)

And waited patiently for Jeff to get home and our friends to come over…

and had another beer.


We preheated the oven to 500° and finished prepping the pizza.

In a food processor, we pulsed to process the onions till a chunky sauce was formed. (About 5 seconds). I spread the sauce over the dough and then took the WHOLE POUND AND A HALF of bacon (or whatever was left from my abusive bacon snacking…) and spread it evenly over the sauce. Topped it with a thick layer of cheese and stuck it in the hot oven for 10 minutes. Then we reduced the oven to 400° and baked it till the cheese was golden brown and bubbly. Removed, sliced and served immediately because it is too much fun to watch our friends make those “OH HOLY HELL MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE” faces.


It was the perfect pizza.

Oh and be glad you are seeing THAT photo because Jeff took the WHOLE pizza from the hording masses while I held them off with the pizza cutter.

It was gone in under 6.3 seconds.

It was THAT Good.

So if we have tickled your taste buds in any way, shape or form… or maybe you just have not had enough coffee yet and you are willing to cast your vote for just about anyone at this moment. Click below and throw us a vote for Super Foodie! Look at it this way… if you do you are probably standing out from the crowd… ;-)


*Carl Sandburg, American poet

Cooked up by Jeff & Heather


  1. 36
    November 11

    Pizza is something I can’t resist …I am sure to find this a hit….

  2. 35
    October 29

    The pizza looks absolutely amazing! I’d kill for a slice right now :)

  3. 34
    October 22

    caramelized onion makes the pizza taste good. . perfect for pass time, love it and congratulations!

  4. 33
    October 22

    Chicago is the best, best, best pizza ever. Omilord, visions of Meg Ryan sighing in orgasmic delight over her pastrami sandwich spring to mind when I think about Chicago pizza from Gino’s. Almost worth a trip to The Windy City for the pizza alone.

    I wonder how many different kinds of onions we have in our supermarket right now?

  5. 32
    October 21

    Such a masterpiece with so few ingredients!
    Happy to give my vote, good luck!

  6. 31
    October 21

    I love caramelized onions! What a great idea! You have my vote! :)

  7. 30
    October 21

    My fav pizza topping is caramelized onions and when done well its amazing. I can almost taste your pizza ! Good Luck

  8. 29
    October 20

    Now I’m a NYC think crust kinda girl (sorry) but this recipe might convince me otherwise. I totally agree, the best pizza isn’t overloaded with stuff. Just a few simple ingredients. This looks delicious! Cheers, just voted :)

  9. 28
    October 20

    Drooling… what’s not to love! YUM!

  10. 27
    October 19

    Oh, my good heavens, I MUST make this. Inspired!

  11. 26
    October 19

    I love the theme of excess with the onions! It looks amazing! Voting for you!

    For my entry, I made pizza for all the wrong times of day: some Deep Dish Pizza Cupfakes and Pizzas Benedict :) I think you’re gonna like the Chicago-ness — and perhaps my commentary about how it went over with my New Yorker roomie :) Come see if you’d like!

  12. 25
    October 19

    You took onion pizza to a whole new level! That of insanely delicious! Good luck!

  13. 24
    October 19

    Focaccia and six types of onion – wow! I would love to try a slice of that pizza! It wouldn’t last very long in my house, either.

  14. 23
    October 19

    You’re very funny…and that pizza looks seriously delicious!

  15. 22
    October 18

    Haha, my husband and friends know better by now… no touching until I take pictures :)
    The pizza looks fab. I voted for you!

  16. 21
    October 18

    WOW this is one luscious pizza! Good for you for indulging! I love the way you mixed many different kinds of onions, I’m sure it must have provided a lot of flavor… and the saltiness of bacon… and the nuttiness of Gruyère. I’m getting hungry here!
    Great job! …but, being French Canadian, I can’t help but giving you the right French name for your pizza: Six livres de six oignons: pizza française à l’oignon. No hard feelings :)

  17. 20
    October 18

    Hi! I’m new to your blog. I found you through Project Food Blog. This post is absolutely hilarious! And hello!!!! That pizza looks A-MAZING! I also love the Chicago vs. NYC thing. We lived up in NY for a while but I think NY pizza vs Chicago pizza is like apples and oranges. They are completely different!! I have to try this pizza soon. And now I’m going to have to be a regular on your blog because I love it! Great job and good luck on this challenge!

  18. 19
    October 18

    This looks sooo yummy!!

  19. 18
    October 18

    Wow. And Wow. And Wow again. I can’t imagine a more perfect pizza. Nothing but caramelized onions, bacon and cheese??? Seriously??? This is one of those recipes that is scooped right out of my brain, and is now taunting me over the web.

    Oh, and I’m voting for you. In case you couldn’t guess.

  20. 17
    October 18

    That looks fantastic. And yes, if I were at your dinner party, I would have totally devoured that in 6.3 seconds.

  21. 16
    October 18

    I dont know, I dont think a pizza cutter could have stopped me from getting to that pizza. I’m afraid it would have taken both of you to keep me back!!! It looks awesome!

  22. 15
    October 18

    Onion Focaccia is like my favorite thing ever, so I need to give this a great big YES PLEASE! :) And it’s so pretty, too :)

  23. 14
    October 18

    sounds dee-vine! Best of luck guys!

  24. 13
    October 18

    oninos and more onions…and caramelized…oh, sweet sweet pizza.

  25. 12
    October 18

    Great job Heather! I voted for you guys again. And I learned something new, I didn’t know you could cook onions that long!

    The final product looks heavenly!

  26. 11
    October 18

    Amazing and gorgeous. This sounds like deliciousness to the max. I voted.

  27. 10
    October 18

    The perfect pizza indeed! Looks absolutely delicious, guys. Nicely done. All of those delicious onions. I can’t even imagine. I voted for you again!

    Best of luck! Hope to see us both in round 6! =)

  28. 9
    October 18

    Holy Hell! I’m actually a little sick, and would gladly make myself even more sick to get a piece of that pizza. Uhhh-may-zing!

  29. 8
    October 18

    Yes, I will drive down to Indiana again from Chicago just for this pizza, it was delicious! Oh and to see you and Jeff too of course. :)

  30. 7
    October 18

    Ok yeah that is a fantastic looking pizza! Though will you speak to me again if I tell you I don’t like Chicago pizza? Its the deep dish thing. Guess I’m lucky to live in Mpls where thin Neopolitan pizza is all the rage

  31. 6
    October 18

    This sounds so rich and fabulous! I’d like a slice for breakfast right now…please?

  32. 5
    Megan Pester
    October 17

    Yum…that is all :)

  33. 4
    October 17

    That is brilliant. Just brilliant. I want it now.

  34. 3
    October 17

    This is French Onion soup pizza for sure; I mean almost everything about it until you take it and and put it on pizza is similar to my soup. Which means I would love it! I’m so delighted to see unique takes on pizza and often without red sauce and no pepperoni in site.

    That is just not my thing, never has been but Heather…this could be. Do you deliver?

  35. 2
    October 17

    OMg…that would be my most favorite pizza ever. I really have to try that. great job on the pizza challenge!

  36. 1
    October 17

    Rich caramelized onions make a great topping for a pizza. So that makes this pizza great! GREG