Yo! Gert. You are damn tasty!

I can HEAR you groaning from here Jeff about my title… Just knock it off.

I just don’t think he appreciates my humor. At any rate, we are going to take a cue from Jeff’s super delicious Spicy Yogurt Chicken and talk about the yogurt part of that dish. You DID notice he said I was MAKING my own yogurt right? Or were you just sucked in by the Frank’s Hot Sauce… AH HA! I know it. It is how he lured me…

When I first moved back to Chicago I was quite OVERWHELMED by the yogurt choices I had. Where I lived prior had yogurt sure, but wow not so many choices… Greek, Organic, Australian, Kosher, Amish, made by virgins under the waxing full moon… And I could also have any flavor I wanted. EVEN BACON!!!! Actually hon… you can stop jumping up and down in your cubicle. I am kidding… no bacon yogurt… anywhere.

I had to try them ALL. Soon my yogurt budget was bigger then my gas budget and I drive over 350 miles a weekend… And sigh yes I know what you are thinking reader o’ mine – is he worth it?…

Sooooooooooo… HOW do you MAKE yogurt you are asking!?!? Easy Peasy… First you get your brother to marry a wonderful girl who buys you EXACTLY what you want for Christmas… even tho it was back in August when you EXPRESSED an interest in a YOGURT maker and your BIRTHDAY came BEFORE Christmas but it is not like I was starving for months and months without yogurt to sustain my livelyhood…

So procure the maker… and then head out for the myriad of ingredients you need for one batch:

– Milk
– One plain Yogurt

Now haul all that craziness into your kitchen have a drink to prepare yourself for the madness that is about to ensue.

(Now these instructions are for my maker: I love it because what is not to love about eating your yogurt out of baby food jars? Hello?)

Home made yogurt with wild berry compote

Bring 42 oz. of milk to a boil over low heat till it reaches 180°.

Let cool till lukewarm – or about 110°.

In a separate bowl, mix some of that milk with the plain yogurt. This is your starter. I use Stonyfield Okios Greek yogurt. 1) I like it lots on its own – not even as a starter and B) It makes a hella tasty home made yogurt! Once well blended, mix with the rest of the milk and then pour into the jars. Put the lid on and set the time. (I go 10 hours.) After the timer goes off, cover the jars with their lids and chill fro a minimum of three hours.NOTE: When you decide to make your very own yogurt. Take heed of the time. If you make it as say oh 6 pm – you will be draggin’ ass out of bed at 4 am to cover the jars and slap them into the refrigerator. I have made yogurt 5 times now. I still have not heeded my own advice. You can stop laughing Jeff…

Yogurt maker

As you can tell by the first photo – it makes a thick and creamy yogurt that most Greeks would be jealous of. I add granola, berry compote, agave, honey, jelly, etc etc to it and it is all freaky good. And Jeff is plotting on what is the next thing he can marinate in it.

Of course if you don’t have an abnormal addiction to yogurt like me this may be just a hassle and the dairy isle at your local grocer is where you belong. If that is the case let me temp you with a lil offer… Free yogurt! No I am not sending you some of my home made stuff silly – but I would like to set you up with some of my starter. From Stonyfield Farms. They have some sort of yogurt sensor or something and picked up on my unnatural yogurt dependence and sent me some coupons to try their Okios yogurt. So Good. I called the cops on them for trying to FEED my addiction because that HAS to be illegal but they just laughed and hung up. So I did the next best thing. I said HAY can I have some coupons for free yogurt and maybe throw in some cool reusable grocery bag in which to carry home said free yogurt or something – ya know, for a reader… thinking ha ha ha I am my only reader so I get even more free yogurt! THEY BIT!!!

So if you are reading this DON’T ENTER THIS – IT IS ALL MINE!... I mean enter now – leave a comment and let me know how you like your yogurt. With peanut butter or on a gyro or with honey or smeared all over some unsuspecting… um yea you get it. The winner (me) will be chosen (already) on Friday by random number generator.

~ Comments CLOSED – the winner is #8 – BETHIEofVA. So send me your info and I can forward it to the yogurt people!… ~

Cooked up by Heather


  1. 17
    January 22

    Guess who WON! The random number picker-o-matic picked Heather! OH HA Kidding – it picks numbers remember? The lucky number is 8! So BethieofVA – hit me up with your address so I can forward it to the good folk at Okios. CONGRATS! PS – I am right now making FROZEN YOGURT with this creamy goodness. Update next week.

  2. 16
    January 22

    Greek honey yogurt!?! Why haven’t I seen this at my grocery store? I love my plain yogurt with ginger honey (by the ginger people, fabulous stuff this is!) – vanilla yogurt with granola and blueberries. I sub yogurt for butter in much of my baking. Thanks for sharing your yogurt addiction w/the rest of us…yeah winner!

  3. 15
    January 22

    We make our own yogurt too. LOVE IT! SO much cheaper and so tasty! I make plain and eat it with fresh fruit and sometimes a drizzle of agave. YUM!

  4. 14
    January 22

    I like my yogurt Greek style plain, drizzled with honey and plopped on a bed of pomegranate arils. But now that it’s not pomegranate season I suppose oranges or blueberries will have to suffice.

    Thanks for a neat giveaway opportunity!

  5. 13
    January 20

    I will definitely have to investigate this yogurt maker gadget. Very cool!

  6. 12
    January 19

    I haven’t made yogurt for a great while…yours look very yummie..how fun your new gadget :-)

  7. 11
    January 19

    I miss yogurt! Wish I’d invested in a maker before we gave up dairy.

  8. 10
    January 19

    Such a fun toy! I love my yogurt maker too.. but yours is prettier!
    Don’t worry about me for the give-away, I live in Canada.
    So.. is he worth it? :)

  9. 9
    January 19

    I like to dip a banana in my yogurt


  10. 8
    January 19

    I really only like the Greek style yogurt. I like it plain with a drizzle of oil oil, cracked pepper and scooped up with some pita.

  11. 7
    January 19

    I used yogurt instead of sour cream so I’m always putting on tamales or in chili, yum!

  12. 6
    January 19

    I love the Greek yogurt. I usually have it with just a touch of honey. (In fact, I was just eating my morning yogurt when I read your blog.) I’ve been tempted to try making my own yogurt using my slow cooker. (I have a small kitchen, no room for more appliances I want.) I just need to get the Mason jars. I already make my own bread every week. I try not to eat packaged foods too much. I should make my own yogurt…

  13. 5
    January 18

    That is the same yogurt I buy! I love it with berries and quinoa runch. I make it by mixing quinoa with a little honey or agave maple syrup and almond oil, spread on a silpat then baked for 10 – 15 min. to get crunchy. It’s like super fine granola :)

  14. 4
    January 18

    I also do my own yogurt. I like to add splenda to sweeten it and sifted instant coffee. It’s my favorite low-cal.

  15. 3
    January 18

    First off is yogurt, then I top it with sliced bananas and dry Cheerios. It is the best breakfast ever. :)

  16. 2
    January 18

    I make a smoothie every day for breakfast… yogurt is the base…

    And making your own yogurt rocks, but what size kitchen do you have… When I live din the city, no counter space for any appliances (My coffee maker was set on a shelf over my tub)

  17. 1
    January 18

    Tons of Blueberries please! I also like it on warm oatmeal, and I also use it in place of sour cream on tacos!