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Ah yes. The best laid plans…

So. We meet again. Funny. You sure have been hanging around more often lately. I think it is because you LOVE us and you LOVE our food and you LOOOVVVEEEE our salty wit. Jeff thinks you keep coming back because we are certifiably insane and like a good train wreck, you just can’t look away. […]

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Crispin (hard cider) braised pork

First off you better be voting for us in the latest Foodbuzz challenge.  The winnings will go to our new favorite charity…..Prevention of Sobriety.  You can vote by clicking here. This is the perfect time of year because apples are flying errr…falling off the trees.  When Heather came home with apple cider that was made […]

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Bacon Apple & Brie Swammich

I know I know it has been like 20000 days since I last posted… BUT, and I don’t really want to point fingers here but… someone else hasn’t posted in like 6000000 days… so if any flogging is going to happen it will be HIS patootie that get’s it NOT mine. I have a plethora […]

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