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Drunken beef kebab (kabob)

Just a friendly reminder you still have time left to try and win a brand new ice cream maker.  See http://hecooksshecooks.com/desserts/black-and-tan-ice-cream/ for details.  In fact do not waste your comments on this recipe. So for those are still here hanging out and wanting to know how to do something besides make ice cream well then […]

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Beer Pot Roast

Hello fellow visitor this is a blast from the past blogger signing in. Yes I know we stopped and you probably missed the awesomeness we posted but well being totally honest we got lazy. Ok lazy is probably the wrong word because we have been busy just not blogging busy. So I am not going […]

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Blue cheese violated meatballs with buffalo sauce

So where oh where did we go?  Let us just call it a place called burnoutville.  Between holidays, other obligations, beer, more obligations, general disdain for discussions about SEO over why we got into blogging which is FOOD!!!!!!  Not saying I would not like to make it rich and relax on a private island for […]

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