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Spicy yet traditional bolognese over orecchiette So BACK OFF you Italian Chefs you!

As you already know, I travel a lot between Chicago and Indiana. Two weekends ago – I skipped that trip entirely. Jeff had to work an ungodly amount of overtime and see, he is already a bit of a crab even when he isn’t working… so make him work that much?!? Yea, I was safer, […]

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I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for some Hamburger soup today…

I am about as under the weather as can be. I can not even drink coffee. Yes. I know – THE HORROR! And I just got off the Phone with Jeff who is also about as unamused to be alive today as I am. He informed me (more like whined to me for a while […]

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It’s NEW! It’s SHINY! It is destined to drive us to DRINK!

Well hello there! How did you find me? I thought I did such a good job of packing and leaving in the middle of the night… yet here you are. Hmm. You are very sneaky. Actually I have never been happier then to see your smiling faces here reading my gripping tome… Actually I should […]

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