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Beef and Stout Pot Pie with Flaky Crust

Happy 2013! Wow. Did I just say that? 2013? Time has zoomed by lately. It feels like we went from picking tomatoes to shoveling snow. But It is quite alright. Because while Jeff is enjoying his new snow blower, I am already spending countless hours perusing the pages of the copious amounts of seed catalogs […]

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Spicy yet traditional bolognese over orecchiette So BACK OFF you Italian Chefs you!

As you already know, I travel a lot between Chicago and Indiana. Two weekends ago – I skipped that trip entirely. Jeff had to work an ungodly amount of overtime and see, he is already a bit of a crab even when he isn’t working… so make him work that much?!? Yea, I was safer, […]

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I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for some Hamburger soup today…

I am about as under the weather as can be. I can not even drink coffee. Yes. I know – THE HORROR! And I just got off the Phone with Jeff who is also about as unamused to be alive today as I am. He informed me (more like whined to me for a while […]

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