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Drunken Arroz Con Pollo

Arroz con pollo is simply a Spanish dish meaning chicken with rice but it’s cooler to say. ┬áPlus it is an easy dish to throw some beer in there and make that chicken drunkingly happy. We played around with a couple beer styles and found some styles really killed the dish because of the other […]

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Hemlock Root – Beer Braised Rib Tips

*** Contest is CLOSED – But the rib tip recipe still ROCKS!!! *** Everyone has a favorite holiday. For most that holiday is rapidly approaching in the form of a jolly fat man dressed in red with a bag of toys. Mine comes in the form of the walking dead dressed in rags with a […]

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Ah yes. The best laid plans…

So. We meet again. Funny. You sure have been hanging around more often lately. I think it is because you LOVE us and you LOVE our food and you LOOOVVVEEEE our salty wit. Jeff thinks you keep coming back because we are certifiably insane and like a good train wreck, you just can’t look away. […]

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