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Wild Blueberry Beer Cheese Cake Ice Cream

Spring. You crazy! The first day of Spring here in Northern Indiana gave us a beautiful 87° day. It was awesome and while I planned our garden, Jeff was headed to hike the Appalachians and this amazing weather would be perfect for him and I alike. Instead the temperature dropped and it rained and our […]

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We interrupt Jeff’s post for this important BBA update…

Yep! We are STILL baking our way thru the Bread Bakers Apprentice cookbook. The book that started it all. Yea, this book combined with the overwhelming desire to communicate using 140 characters or less is why and how Jeff and I met. I suppose you are thinking right now that it would have been more […]

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It’s Fat THURSDAY! Happy Paczki Day!

Now before you get your etouffeed panties in a bunch… I KNOW I titled this Fat THURSDAY. If you were cool like me – you would be part Polish. You would be able to drink most of your friends under the table. You would understand the importance of pirogi, and when someone starts singing “Sto […]

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