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Smoked and Porter Braised Beef Sandwiches

Besides being raging beeralohics who consume beer in damn near every dish we make we also have a small addiction to our smoker. Our friends would say it is purely awesome because they know at least once a week there will be something that was smoked overnight and ready for them to devour. Recently we […]

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Drunken Arroz Con Pollo

Arroz con pollo is simply a Spanish dish meaning chicken with rice but it’s cooler to say.  Plus it is an easy dish to throw some beer in there and make that chicken drunkingly happy. We played around with a couple beer styles and found some styles really killed the dish because of the other […]

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Stuffed bell peppers

So hmmm…….why my long absence….well I got nothing.  I could blame it on work but I have done that over a hundred times.  I could blame it on the garden but uhh……no pictures have been provided.  Hmmm…..what other b.s. could I sling….yeah I got nothing so I will just call it what it is pure […]

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