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Peach Lambic Pork Chops

It is finally spring (sorta) here in Indiana. And by spring I mean 70° one day and 40° the next. I love sitting outside with the sun on my face, a cold beer in my hand, a balmy breeze blowing the meat scented grill smoke my way. Should be a cologne that smells like grilling […]

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Tonight, during dinner, our friends were oddly silent…

I would like to preface this post with a warning. Both of us have been sick with whooping cough for the better part of this past week. As a matter of fact I am sitting here writing this rambling along while heavily dosed on NyQuil, so I’d just like to apologize for that up front. […]

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Stuffed bell peppers

So hmmm…….why my long absence….well I got nothing.  I could blame it on work but I have done that over a hundred times.  I could blame it on the garden but uhh……no pictures have been provided.  Hmmm…..what other b.s. could I sling….yeah I got nothing so I will just call it what it is pure […]

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