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We interrupt Jeff’s post for this important BBA update…

Yep! We are STILL baking our way thru the Bread Bakers Apprentice cookbook. The book that started it all. Yea, this book combined with the overwhelming desire to communicate using 140 characters or less is why and how Jeff and I met. I suppose you are thinking right now that it would have been more […]

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Spicy yet traditional bolognese over orecchiette So BACK OFF you Italian Chefs you!

As you already know, I travel a lot between Chicago and Indiana. Two weekends ago – I skipped that trip entirely. Jeff had to work an ungodly amount of overtime and see, he is already a bit of a crab even when he isn’t working… so make him work that much?!? Yea, I was safer, […]

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Yo! Gert. You are damn tasty!

I can HEAR you groaning from here Jeff about my title… Just knock it off. I just don’t think he appreciates my humor. At any rate, we are going to take a cue from Jeff’s super delicious Spicy Yogurt Chicken and talk about the yogurt part of that dish. You DID notice he said I […]

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