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Smoked Porter Beef Ribs

Hello out there? Hello? Anyone there? Well I guess the silence is expected since we decided to take a long sabbatical.  I wish I could say it was for something cool like climbing Mt. Everest, or being granted a year at Club Fed for being drunks, or living among the pygmy people, or whatever weird […]

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Smoked and Porter Braised Beef Sandwiches

Besides being raging beeralohics who consume beer in damn near every dish we make we also have a small addiction to our smoker. Our friends would say it is purely awesome because they know at least once a week there will be something that was smoked overnight and ready for them to devour. Recently we […]

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Chocolate Porter Chipotle Sauce

Hello Spring. I have missed you. Last time I checked in I was whining over the “in-my-mind” unseasonably cold temperatures in May. IN MAY! How DARE you Mother Nature!? And even tho Jeff continued to remind me that “That is what SPRING in the Midwest is hon!” I refused to believe. Or listen. Which is […]

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