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Drunken Arroz Con Pollo

Arroz con pollo is simply a Spanish dish meaning chicken with rice but it’s cooler to say.  Plus it is an easy dish to throw some beer in there and make that chicken drunkingly happy. We played around with a couple beer styles and found some styles really killed the dish because of the other […]

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Jambalaya for the Champions

It is very well known that I am a hard core Colts fan and Sunday was a brutal day for me.  Heck my dedication to the Colts even got my picture published in the local newspaper (click here to read the article).  However, for as bad as it was for a Colts fan it was […]

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Ginger Chicken Rice Soup

In keeping with the theme of soup while you feel like death warmed over I present to you my creation from last week. The worst part about the day I took off sick was I had no video games to play or anything on the DVR to watch.  I was stuck the entire day watching […]

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