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Kimchi Chicken

Yes I know it has been over a month since my last post and I wish I could think of some awesome story why however, simply put I just needed to step away for a few.  To me when the blog starts to feel like work I need to take a break.  When I find […]

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Beef Bulgogi is a real good friend of mine. He is spicy and easy.

I travel. A LOT. I work In Chicago. but I live life in Indiana. I find that when I am holed up in my mini mansion the last thing I want to do is anything that requires more then 5 sq inches of counter space because – hello – my kitchen is only 4 feet! […]

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Pork Larb

Now that you are armed with your cool foodie Christmas purchases from Heather’s previous post you need something to do with them.  Fear not boys and girls because Jeff is here with a simple and delicious dish for idiots. Larb is one of my favorite dishes to get at the local Thai restaurant unfortunately they […]

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