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Shrimp Mozambique.
Or How to Stay Cool w/Spicy Shrimp & Cold Beer

Ah, summer. What power you have to make us suffer and like it.  – Russell Baker Isn’t THAT the truth. These Midwest temperatures have been INSANE! I noticed that Jeff mentioned about our power going out the weekend before 4th of July for FIVE excruciatingly hot days. But it was not just over 90° but […]

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Tonight, during dinner, our friends were oddly silent…

I would like to preface this post with a warning. Both of us have been sick with whooping cough for the better part of this past week. As a matter of fact I am sitting here writing this rambling along while heavily dosed on NyQuil, so I’d just like to apologize for that up front. […]

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Jambalaya for the Champions

It is very well known that I am a hard core Colts fan and Sunday was a brutal day for me.  Heck my dedication to the Colts even got my picture published in the local newspaper (click here to read the article).  However, for as bad as it was for a Colts fan it was […]

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