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Aloha, Mai e `ai! (Hello there, come and eat!)

Apparently, someone out there likes us. I don’t know who you are but mahalo. Because it looks like we advanced to the next round in the Food Buzz Competition – Project Food Blog of Magic and Wonderment. For the next phase – we were to take an ethnic classic dish that we were not familiar […]

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Grilled beef kabobs

I have a confession when Heather told me that she bought firewire skewers I laughed at her.  I told her why would you buy more gimicky kitchen #%@$)**( that we obviously have no room for and wow like we ever freaking use skewers.  This to me was just another stupid thing that was going to […]

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Kimchi Chicken

Yes I know it has been over a month since my last post and I wish I could think of some awesome story why however, simply put I just needed to step away for a few.  To me when the blog starts to feel like work I need to take a break.  When I find […]

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