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This Ice Cream is Bananas. B A N A N A S!

Last week while goofing off on twitter taking a break from working very very hard , I got into a conversation with my friend Elle over at Elle’s New England Kitchen about the finer aspects of ice cream. (Like it tastes much better when eaten directly from the carton while standing in front of the […]

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Santa Forgives my Indiscretions Because I Leave Him Cherry Kolackis & Stoli.

Since I was a little girl, so for over 30 20 years my mother has been making kolacki’s for Christmas. They were everyone’s favorite cookie and we literally waited with baited breath for them every year. My favorite have always been cherry. My mother loved plum (prune?). I think my dad’s favorites were cherry as […]

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There is a reason that “Baking” sounds like Bacon…

Didja think I wouldn’t read that post… hon. Yea. You. Referring to my previous, yet highly whimsical blog as a *BARF* baking BLOG? You obviously glanced over the pepper vodka, beef jerky, Italian sausage, beer and brats and the world famous bacon brie swammich posts. It was a regular party over there! Oh and a […]

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