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Ah yes. The best laid plans…

So. We meet again. Funny. You sure have been hanging around more often lately. I think it is because you LOVE us and you LOVE our food and you LOOOVVVEEEE our salty wit. Jeff thinks you keep coming back because we are certifiably insane and like a good train wreck, you just can’t look away. […]

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Stuffed bell peppers

So hmmm…….why my long absence….well I got nothing.  I could blame it on work but I have done that over a hundred times.  I could blame it on the garden but uhh……no pictures have been provided.  Hmmm…..what other b.s. could I sling….yeah I got nothing so I will just call it what it is pure […]

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Jambalaya for the Champions

It is very well known that I am a hard core Colts fan and Sunday was a brutal day for me.  Heck my dedication to the Colts even got my picture published in the local newspaper (click here to read the article).  However, for as bad as it was for a Colts fan it was […]

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